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Get Features (CPCs, Volume, Competition & Trends) of a Keyword

To fetch results for a keyword with features, you need to use following endpoint:


Additional parameters:

With the example shown above, this will enables us to get keyword features of the keyword called: "pizza".

JSON Response of the example:

{ "volume":20400000, "cpc":"1.43", "competition":0.07, "trend":[ { "month":"December", "year":2020, "value":13600000 }, { "month":"January", "year":2021, "value":11100000 }, { "month":"February", "year":2021, "value":11100000 }, ....... ]}

Data shown in all queries will be based on results which obtained from Google (Global). We are working to improve it by adding more countries.

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Updated on: 16/02/2022

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